Matt Gleich


I'm Matt Gleich, a second year student at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) studying CS. Currently, I am looking for a COOP for the summer & fall of 2024. Feel free to reach out over email at or on twitter.

Recent Workouts

I am training for road racing in the spring of 2024. On a low volume training plan ~3-6 hrs/week. Plan on doing more volume once I settle into the school year. You can even see my training plan that I have through trainerroad.

Cycling: Night Mountain Bike Ride


Distance 5.414 miles (8.719 km)
Duration 37mins
Climbing 100ft (31m)
Average Power 88.7 watts
Average Heartrate 157.8 bmp

Cycling: Afternoon Mountain Bike Ride


Distance 3.813 miles (6.140 km)
Duration 19mins
Climbing 79ft (24m)
Average Power 141.2 watts
Average Heartrate 178 bmp

GravelRide: RIT Cycling Gravel Ride


Distance 30.75 miles (49.51 km)
Duration 2 hrs & 46 mins
Climbing 846ft (258m)
Average Power 103.6 watts
Average Heartrate 0 bmp

Cycling: Evening Mountain Bike Ride


Distance 15.91 miles (25.62 km)
Duration 2 hrs & 4 mins
Climbing 311ft (95m)
Average Power 85 watts
Average Heartrate 159 bmp


I also like to take photos in my free time. Here is some of my favorite photos I've taken over the past few years. I mainly shoot with Nikon cameras and my current one is a Nikon Z7II.