Me (right) and Tom Preston Werner (left) on the hacker zephyr.

Hello and welcome to my website! For the past 0 years I've been exploring the art of writing useful, clean, and efficient applications. Almost all of my personal work is over on my GitHub page. Outside of writing software I enjoy photography & cycling.


I would love to hear from you!
The best way to get in contact with me is via email or twitter.


When did you start coding?

I started programming on my high school's robotics team my freshman year of high school. I started as the lead computer vision programmer and worked on software to help guide our robot using a camera.

Why do you code?

Coding is this rate activity where there is no ceiling. No matter how much work you put in there will always be more to learn. This ability to be able to learn forever and create almost anything I want is why I code.

What type of software do you write?

Because I don't need to focus on something right now I've kinda been jumping all over the place. I've done some work with mobile apps, web apps, backend services, and CLIs (command line interfaces). Most of my time has been on the backend and with CLIs but I also love working on the frontend. Checkout some of my work on my GitHub account.

What type of photos do you take?

I've been taking macro, landscape, and travel photos for the past 5 years. Before coding this was my passion in life. Even though I don't spend as much time on it in recent years I still love photography and love to bring my camera whenever I travel.